Pumps and Tanks

Wastewater Pumps

We sell Franklin Electric Little Giant brand of sewer and effluent pumps (formerly known as Monarch). We also sell a variety of submersible sewer and effluent pumps as well as sump pumps.

Jet Pumps

Franklin Electric J-Class (formerly known as Jacuzzi) C-Series and RM2 series jet pumps are industry leading water pumps designed with a stainless steel impeller for high performance and longevity. Featuring a heavy-duty iron construction, these pumps are convertible and can be used for both shallow and deep wells. J-Class pumps have a reputation for being very reliable, and are some of the most successful pumps in the water system industry.Delivers up to 18 GPM for shallow well applications.

Centrifugal Pumps

High capacity for village and park use requiring 80 GPM or more.

Submersible Pumps

The J-Class SandHandler and TriSeal line of submersible pumps from Franklin Electric features high efficiency performance and an abrasion-resistant design. These pumps are stainless steel and thermoplastic for time proven durability and years of reliable service. 4" models ranging from 5 GPM to 90 GPM.


Moyno progressive cavity pump is the solution for piston pump replacement. This pump has only 4 moving parts and can be repaired without disconnecting from the pipes.
The pump we supply has been highly modified from it's original production design to be effective and reliable for rural application.

Pressure Tanks

Well-Rite Model R pressure tanks feature a 100% butyl water chamber with a patented double diaphragm design. Well-Rite tanks are industry proven and reliable and will outlast all other pressure tanks. Models range from 5 gallons drawdown to 36 gallons drawdown.