Who We Are

Prairie Pump Service has been serving the Weyburn community since 1972. At Prairie Pump Service we are commited to providing you with the best service available, and that is why we offer only the best solutions for your water and wastewater needs. We serve a large area of South and Southeast Saskatchewan.

What We Do

Prairie Pump Service specializes in pumps and water conditioning. We sell a complete line of Franklin Electric pumps for rural water systems, as well as water system accessories and fittings. We also sell Reverse Osmosis and other Waterite products for the best water conditioning available. We specialize in waste water systems including septic tank installation, as well as other products for sewage applications. Many of our products are unique and cannot be found in any other store. Prairie Pump Service provides full service and installation services from our Weyburn location.
407 Railway Avenue
Weyburn, SK
Phone: 306-842-3444
Fax: 306-848-0125
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